Archivum Honkai: Star Rail

Part I

September 7

I was wandering around the Exalting Sanctum today, and I saw a foreign Balladian peddling along the street. I went up and found out they were selling pets.

The animal I saw looked like a house cat, but its body was much smaller. It was lying down on a mat in a bamboo cage, purring and meowing affectionately. However, after the Ambrosial Arbor took root, most of the Xianzhou people preferred large and strong pets. I asked the Balladian why this animal was so small, and if anyone had shown interest in buying it.

The person responded that it is true that Xianzhou people like large and strong pets, but there are also those who love petite and delicate ones. Now that he saw the sparkle in my eyes, he expected that I must be the latter. Perhaps it was fate? I couldn't refuse.

The person also said that this small animal is called a grimalkin, and it was one of the species that the ancestors of Xianzhou loved to keep during the Primeval Imperium Era. Today, the strong Xianzhou house cat evolved from this small grimalkin. This was in line with what I'd read in old texts. However, the grimalkin had been extinct for many years. This made me suspicious, and I inquired about its origin.

The person swore to me that though grimalkins were extinct in Xianzhou, they were bred on many other planets. This animal is truly just an ordinary white grimalkin. It was neither genetically modified, nor was it an invasive species, so I could rest assured.

How could I turn down looking after a long-extinct little animal to help continue its lineage — especially after petting those tender little paws?

Eventually, I paid hefty sum for the grimalkin, named it "Mimi," and took it home. Only that I'm too busy with official business and have little time to take care of Mimi. After thinking it over, chores like feeding it and changing its water should also be entrusted to Qingzu.