Archivum Honkai: Star Rail

Part III

January 19

The food expenses are gradually becoming unsustainable. I thought that there must be some way to deal with this, so I brought in a healer from the Alchemy Commission to check on Wave-Treading Snow Lion (sorry, Qingzu, I'm horrible at naming). The healer's consultation was fruitless, instead suggesting we try some genetic testing. I agreed. The results were in line with its food intake — as expected, it was not a grimalkin after all, let alone an ordinary house cat.

It was a lion. Hence the name change to from Mimi to Wave-Treading Snow Lion.

However, this fact did not affect its usual grimalkin-like behavior. Whenever Snow Lion is free (it usually is), it either scratches the silk curtains or rips the felt, or engorges itself on its specially-prepared schizonepeta. Of course, Qingzu's effort can't be overstated. She's really trained it well, but sometimes it unfortunately gets in the way of official business.

All that aside, the top priority now should be to find ways to reduce the food expenditure. I'm afraid this will take some time to figure it out.