Archivum Honkai: Star Rail

Part II

December 22

Mimi is getting bigger and bigger, and becoming more and more attached. It's also very intelligent. Mimi's soft, snow-like fur flows like the clouds, and its nine ridged tail has a big ball of fuzz at the end. Mimi's round, full, and blue irises possess radiating patterns like cracks over ice. Their colors are rich, charming, and dignified.

However, Mimi's appetite is strangely large. Is it really a grimalkin? I thought to myself that the name "Mimi" might not be too appropriate at this point.

Qingzu told me the other day that she had purchased 200 catties worth of meat for the Seat of Divine Foresight's meals in the past week, but Mimi wiped it all clean. The story did not end there. She also said that this has become the gossip of the town, and the rumors have it that the general has been neglecting his duties and indulging in gluttony instead. This has gotten the people all riled up.

Qingzu was worried that could be bad for me, but I didn't think too much of it and told her not to worry. In my opinion, "The Glutton General" sounds more impressive than "The Dozing General."