Archivum Honkai: Star Rail

Researcher Profile: Gunn

Herta Researcher Archive

—— Basic Information ——

Name: Gunn Konolev
Sex: Male
Race: Homo sapiens
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Physical Condition: Healthy
Faction Affiliation: Confidential
Planet of Origin: Eagle Castle (Destroyed)
Method of Selection: Invitation

—— Research Information ——

Staff Number: R-GPOL-013
Profile Number: 2148-013
Department: Department of Galactic Geopolitics
Access Permissions: Core researcher - Access Lv. V
Research Topic: Top secret
Evaluation Score: Distinction
Employment: Honorary tenure
Further Employment: Lifetime researcher
Emergency Contact: Sheila Nova
Contact Details: Expired

—— Research Findings ——

The Fall of Planet Eagle Castle, Interastral Peace Publishing
Galaxy Rangers and Its Resulting Justice, Titanium-44 Publishing
The Generation of Scorched Earth: From Destruction We Came, Interastral Peace Publishing
A Fool's Play: The Depth of Laughter, Standard Candlelight Publishing
*Several confidential topics have been hidden*

—— Research Plan ——

The manuscript of my book The Funny Knight and the Lost Bellflower has been delivered to Standard Candlelight Publishing. We have had a very enjoyable collaboration in the past. The book, which is scheduled to be published in the 2160 AE, is a retelling of everything I've learned since studying the Masked Fools in the form of an anti-chivalric novel, and is a true account of the third turning point in my life.

In addition, I will be conducting a mysterious experiment inside the space station. Lead Researcher Asta has already agreed to my request. I'll try not to bother anyone — it's just a tiny adjunct that came with my third change-of-heart, in order to fulfill a small wish of mine.

*1. The weighted average of multiple assessments is adopted for the evaluation score.
*2. Herta Space Station abides by the galactic regulations and laws of privacy and security when collecting, storing, and using researcher information. Personnel with specific access authorizations are allowed to view or use researcher files. Relevant personnel are not permitted to disclose any files to third parties without prior authorization, failing which will result in severe punishment.